Advanced Technologies Dedicated to Corporate Security

TBC-France S.A.S. is a subsidiary of TBC-Monde Inc., a Franco-Canadian international trade group that specializes in security equipment and is active in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

TBC-France is worldwide distributor of JACK, the first outdoor surveillance autonomous robot in its category made in France.

In January 2017, TBC-France secured the rights to distribute SMP Robotics products in Belgium and France, and it now offers all-inclusive rental services for autonomous surveillance robots.

SMP Robotics is a California-based company that started designing robots in 2009.

After more than $50 M in R&D investments, their robots have earned a host of awards for their technological innovations. Major US companies already benefit from their exceptional know-how, which is protected by more than 10 patents, and SMP Robotics has rapidly undergone global growth.

TBC-France also distributes advanced security equipment such as explosives detectors and baggage scanners.