TESCON TC UVSS - 3D: Simply the Best Under Vehicle Inspection System There Is

TBC-France is the proud to present the TESCON TC UVSS - 3D, for which we are the exclusive distributor in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

In an era of ever-increasing security threats, an Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) is a must for any security services company or department that needs to perform a vehicle inspection at the entrance of sites, buildings, or perimeters.

Manufactured near Hanover by German company Tescon ─ a world leader in security and protection barriers against suicide vehicles ─ the TESCON TC UVSS - 3D advanced scanner is the best solution for quick, effective under vehicle inspections.

A user-friendly and highly sophisticated vehicle scanning system

Concealing potentially dangerous objects under a vehicle ─ without the driver or owner even knowing it ─ is remarkably easy. It is therefore of crucial importance for security services companies or departments to have the detection tools they need to quickly identify any suspicious object that could be hidden under the car, thus thwarting such plans.

The TESCON TC UVSS - 3D uses the world’s most advanced area scan and 3D imaging technologies. Combined with high-end electromechanical components, cameras, illuminators and sensors, these leading edge technologies produce a 3D image of the chassis, for easy and efficient detection of any object or device that could be hidden underneath the vehicle.

During the inspection, an automated area scan imaging system shoots a frame by frame video of the vehicle's underside, whether it is moving or stationary. Zone by Area, a sophisticated artificial vision algorithm, then produces a composite 3D image.

Security agents can thus view high quality seamless and distortion-free 3D images, even if the vehicle is stopped on the UVSS.

Finally, a sophisticated automated system detects anomalies and flags the presence of any uncommon or unusual elements. Its unwavering vigilance makes up for any moment of inattention on behalf of the security agents. Inspecting vehicles at the entrance of sites and perimeters has never been so easy!

Vehicle Inspection on the Fly

The TESCON TC UVSS - 3D supports quick inspections of vehicle frames, making it easy to quickly and efficiently detect and display any potentially dangerous object that could be hidden underneath the vehicle.

We also offer a portable version for temporary under vehicle inspections.

The TESCON TC UVSS - 3D is a powerful automated solution that provides many benefits:

  • Quick and thorough inspections, even in heavy traffic conditions
  • Real-time analyses and detections
  • High-resolution color and 3D composite images of the entire underside of the vehicle for easy inspections and instant detections
  • Detailed 3D images at all times
  • HD images that accurately detect very small objects (down to 5 mm)

Rich standard functionalities and advanced features make the TESCON TC UVSS - 3D a comprehensive scalable advanced solution.

Standard features:

  • Multilingual graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Images of hard-to-view areas, whether the vehicle is stopped or moving (up to 20 km/h), thanks to three auxiliary HD cameras
  • Zoom-in and 3D visualization from multiple angles
  • Contrast and brightness control
  • Air filter for all-weather operation
  • Weatherproof, dust and flood proof IP-67 underground enclosures (up to 1 m for 30 minutes)
  • CE and ISO certifications
  • Automated comparison of a vehicle’s image with that generated upon the last inspection (identified using the license plate), with optional voice alert
  • Automated license plate reader
  • Driver image capture module
  • Remote display and monitoring
  • Extra periphery cameras, for complete visibility of area to be secured
  • Integration with other security devices, e.g. bollards, tire killers and boom barriers

A prestigious manufacturer

The TESCON TC UVSS-3D is manufactured by German company Tescon, world-renowned for the exceptional quality and efficiency of its security product line, which also includes pneumatic bollards, tire killers and boom barriers.

Tescon designs and develops products that are deployed in airports, ministries, hotels, prisons, embassies, military installations, nuclear level 1, and industrial oil and gas facilities around the world.