Autonomous Robots – Higher Security at a Lower Cost

Stand-alone surveillance robots are poised to revolutionize the security industry. After proving its worth in the US, the partial robotization of security operations is quickly spreading through Europe. The benefits are clear: enhanced and highly cost-effective security.

TBC-France is proud to offer SMP Robotics, the world leader in surveillance autonomous robots for outdoor perimeters, in France and Belgium.

The S5 is the world’s first commercial outdoor security robot that can function in various terrain conditions: road, off-road, grass and gravel. The strong surface grip allows the robots to surmount level differences, bumps and ditches.

We offer two high-end SMP Robotics models from the S5 PTZ Series (rental only).

The « Bobby »


Its orange color makes this autonomous surveillance robot visible from a distance, and it has an emergency button people can use to communicate with the control center in case of danger.

S5 PTZ Bobby Specs

The « Jack »


Jack is a more low-profile autonomous surveillance robot that can be equipped with multiple industrial sensors and a full-HD camera.

S5 PTZ Jack Specs

These autonomous surveillance robots are the ideal security complement for large, open spaces and warehouses that are difficult to cover with fixed cameras or guard rounds. They can discern a human being at 100 m and their high sensitivity sensors detect industrial risks (fire, leakage of gas or liquids, etc.) like no-one else.

After a first round with an operator, “Bobby” and “Jack” carry on completely on their own. Industrial facilities, essential infrastructures, outdoor warehouses, ports and military areas, campuses, prisons, airports, amusement parks, and more: day and night, they monitor their surroundings, always ready to trigger an alert at the first sign of suspicious activity.

Main features of the S5 PTZ

  • Seamless integration with existing security systems (e.g., ONVIF standard)
  • A surveillance range over 100 m
  • CCTV system via WIFI and LTE
  • PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) camera with 28x optical zoom (or 20x full-HD)
  • 6 high-resolution omnidirectional cameras
  • Avoidance of obstacles (human and objects)
  • All-terrain capabilities
  • Adapted to extreme climates (-200 to +450 C)
  • 3600 vision (full-HD and thermal cameras available)
  • Detection of suspicious movements
  • PTZ camera
  • 12 h / 24 km autonomy (autonomous charging feature available winter 2017)
  • Speed between 2.4 km/h (autonomous) and 6 km/h (remote control)
  • Real-time video transmission (connected to control center, laptop or smartphone)
  • Automatic upload of video recordings during battery recharging
  • Integrated DVR
  • Quiet and non-polluting
  • User-friendly software that can be installed on a tablet or PC