Our Autonomous Robots Are Your Eyes and Ears in the Field!

Modern-day threats confront Chief Security Officers with major new challenges, namely providing optimal protection while achieving their productivity and business goals, in an unpredictable yet highly regulated context.

The answer to these challenges lies in enhanced capabilities that are both more efficient and less expensive than traditional surveillance personnel and technologies.

Already, automation has proven its worth in areas such as manufacturing and services. Truly a "force multiplier", automation now promises to optimize the capabilities of the security industry and make it more profitable.



Our autonomous surveillance robots, Jack designed to tirelessly patrol protected areas and quickly move in if an alarm is triggered.

TBC-France team is currently working on the final development phase of the robot JACK. To be informed about its launch and distribution, kindly fill the Contact Us form.

Opt for the worry-free solution–Rental

TBC-France robots are designed to help you enhance your security capabilities at a very competitive cost. Your mission is to ensure safety and security, not to learn robotics. A TBC-France rental contract guarantees you flawless training and operational support, with a free-of-charge replacement guarantee in case of failure.