The Robot: An Essential Component of Effective Security Systems

Robotic security systems are a valuable asset in a wide range of industries:

External warehouses
Industrial complexes
Ports and airports
Gas and oil facilities
Solar and photovoltaic power stations
Military bases and prisons
University campuses ans sports centers
Zoos, natural reserves and golf courses
Large private areas
And many others

The use of a robot fleet makes it possible to deploy optimal monitoring 24/7 by synchronizing the recharging schedules.

Patrol robots are effective for many tasks, such as doing night shifts and monitoring:

  • Restricted areas surveillance
  • Environments with fumes that are hazardous to humans
  • HAZMAT operations
  • Gas fumes
  • License plate recognition
  • Night shiftst
  • Quick and effective interventions for alarm verifications

Why robots are the perfect complement to human agents:

  • You can concentrate valuable human resources into mobile rapid response teams that will be more effective in the event of a serious incident.
  • Unlike humans, a robots’ performance is consistent regardless of the time of the day or the day of the week.
  • Robots continuously and efficiently perform tasks that human agents find boring and uninteresting, allowing them to concentrate on more complex activities.