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In high risk areas such as electric power plants and chemical plants, the S5 PTZ can use high-performance sensors for ongoing analyses of temperatures, gases, or even radioactive emissions, while monitoring the site with its 360-degree camera system. If its analyses, which were previously done through manual inspections, reveal unusual parameters, the robot automatically triggers an alarm.

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License Plate Recognition

To increase security in parking lots, prevent illegal parking or identify unauthorized vehicles in prohibited areas, the S5 PTZ can be equipped with automatic license plate recognition software and cameras. The system compares the license plate number with its database and triggers an alert if an unknown vehicle is present. 

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Bio-Acoustic and Ultrasonic Controls

The risks of collisions between birds and aircraft are particularly great at landing, take-off and low altitude. The S5 PTZ can mimic the sound of a predator to reduce the presence of birds in airport areas and help mitigate such risks.


Laser Scanning 

Bird droppings are also harmful in public places, and they can be problematic in areas such as agricultural fields or golf courses. The S5 PTZ’s pan-tilt laser makes it possible to keep birds at a distance by imitating the approach of a small animal on the ground. The laser emits a bright green dot, which corresponds to a bird's eye highest spectral sensitivity. A regular sweep of the area encourages birds to seek alternate feeding and nesting areas.

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Voice communication

Voice communication is useful in areas where humans may be present. The “Jack” comes with a red button that immediately activates a bidirectional communication with the operator, who can view the surroundings through the robot's cameras. Its built-in speakers are designed for outdoor use and its microphone is protected by a screen for windy weather.