Custom-built to effectively complement your security staff

Neither a toy nor a tank, JACK inspires respect and is ruggedly built to work in difficult field and weather conditions, carrying out surveillance and intervention missions as needed, whatever happens.

A versatile security tool

JACK does his rounds fully independently, all the while transmitting video footage in real time. Equipped with infrared cameras that offer a 360º view, our robot enables you to provide day/night surveillance in large spaces, including warehouses, recreational and tourist attractions, industrial and energy installations, container parks, and prisons.

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Quick and effective interventions for alarm verifications

Its functionalities allow JACK to reach a specified location. The surveillance team can then use the infrared PTZ camera to carry out a more thorough visual inspection and determine if a human intervention is necessary.

Through such diligent inspections, JACK helps you achieve three major objectives:

  1. Reduce response times.
  2. Decrease operational costs.
  3. Minimize risks to field staff.

Advanced features, for maximum efficiency

An impressive range of features put Jack in a category of its own:

  • 24/7 HD Broadcasting/Detection
  • Autonomy upto:
    • 8 hours
    • 25 km
  • Moving speed: 3.5 km/h
  • Day/night surveillance:
    • 1 infrared HD PTZ camera
    • 8 HD cameras, for a 360º view
  • Advanced video analytics:
    • Human detection
    • Alarms transmission
  • Online 24/7: 4G/Wi-Fi/Mesh (optional)
  • An autonomous navigation system with detection and bypass of obstacles
  • An encrypted communication system.